How to Buy an Electric Kiln


  1. I’ve bought three kilns thus far, each from a different type of seller. One was a small test kiln that I purchased from a licensed distributor of the make and model I already knew I wanted. You can look up kiln manufacturers and then research who they distribute their wares through. I suggest an initial search via websites from well-known makers such as Skutt, Olympic or Cress.
  2. I’ve also purchased a kiln from relatives of people I knew who were simply letting their ceramic hobby slide and wanted to make more room in their garage. So keep your eyes and ears open to the possibility of someone you already know helping you find a seller. Just let your friends and family know you are on the hunt!
  3. I’ve also purchased a kiln from scouring over the classified ads on for artists and hobbyists looking to re-home well maintained kilns.This method is tricky too because you never know what condition the kiln will be in before you visit the seller and see it in person. I suggest, for safety’s sake, never visiting a seller without telling a family member or friend, first, where you are going. From my personal experience, I visited roughly ten sellers before finding the perfect kiln for my needs through this method. But then again, I bought a great kiln for less than 60% of the retail price!