Love and Lack in the San Francisco Bay Area

My first winter in Michigan has proven to be quite a breeze as it appears to be one of the warmest winter seasons in recent memory. Having someone wonderful to snuggle with at night might also be a factor, but hey, I’m from California so I’m not complaining! Looking forward though to missing what should be the worst weather month because I got funding for a photography trip to the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 days in February.

Taking some of my go-to equipment as well which includes a decent flash for my Nikon D7100, a few lenses, gels, light reflectors, batteries, and of course some lovely filters and my handy dandy laptop and digital storage devices. While I’m also bringing along a pocket-sized tri-pod, there will be a large and sturdy one provided by my host.

Themes I’m looking to photograph include concepts such as love in the small scale such as insect life, small mammals, birds, and the like. Love among humans as expressed in public displays of affection in the myriad places people in the San Francisco Bay Area tend to congregate. Not the least of which, the absence of love, such as neglected places, people, and things I might encounter as part of my journey.

I’ll visit several cities including San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Jose. If there is any particular city I haven’t yet mentioned that you would like me to visit, let me know. Otherwise, I’m leaving quite a few spaces in my schedule open for spontaneous side-journeys while traveling around the area.

Exciting times! Can’t wait to share what I discover.