Response to Silly Memes

I’ve noticed quite a few memes spreading across the Internet giving advice about how to live a “happy” life. But many of these messages give people the wrong ideas. Such as, “smile more”. If we all smiled when we didn’t feel like smiling, then we are basically being advised to be fake. How is that going to help anyone?

Another bad advice example I see spreading across the internet is “don’t think”.  Again, if we stop thinking for ourselves, who is going to think for us? Will they bother being mindful of our needs, wants and desires if we hand over all thinking to them? Who is the “them”?  Our government? Our employers?

So, I decided to make up my own set of rules of thumb in response. I intend to give a different view, filled with reflections about my own life and rules of thumb which I follow.  Perhaps this will be of use for those who wish for something better than lessons on how to be docile fake sheep in society. Any honest feedback is appreciated. Thanks!